Last Summer Vacation IN Yunnan

I believe in that inner peace is from the nature.

This trip let me get it.

I like photographing to get more memorable views.

Tiger Leaping Gorge is my favorite sight.

I have been to Yunnan in July ,2011

We have make a flight  reservation beforehand . It’s wise to save money.

Luckily, I met a local citizen who took the seat next to me . She shared me with something about her hometown with her pleasure.

It’s so cold here in summer.

I don’t care about it because I had began to plan about this at least 2 months ago

such as long T-shirt ( bc it  is too hot at noon )

Coat is needed during the nights






1st day  visiting downtown in Kunming


The taxi was hard to get there.

And the air wasn’t fresh.


The luxurious shopping malls were old-fashioned.

planning of Kunming isn’t very good.




2nd day  – Go sightseeing from Kunming to Dali , The Old Town of Lijiang


We spent about nine hours to get there by self-driving

Dali was too normal.

it’s a long journey to there.

The heavy rain  made the road muddy .

Arrived at  Old Town of Lijiang at 7 pm. The dishes were not bad.

After dinner ,we hung out in the town.

The rain did not disrupted the visitors who walked on the street?

But it’s Commercialization there.


the traders aren’t from local

they sale CD ,tea ,clothes ,ect.
stores  all sell these things .


we asked for the trip to Shika snow mountain . Finally , it didn’t be achieved  b/c two children followed us and it was too dangerous.

3rd day – Jade Dragon Snow Mountain& The Old Town of Suhe

the mountain is amazing .but the weather was so bad

the old town of Suhe was the same Commercialization  as Lijiang




4th day-  Shangri-la

it’s a long journey to there.

Along each of the beautiful scenery

The air was fresh .

Shangri-la was too small

UV was too strong.




The Tibetan food is  very delicious .

the lamb chop with mint was amazing.



Temple of Gedan songzanlin

It is the largest Tibetan Buddhism temple in Yunnan province and also the biggest in Kang district

The roof is covered in many layers of gold.

Ride the horse  under the shika snow mountain

Interview with the Tibetan family at night

The yogurt was different from others I have already eaten

It’s too sour. I ate too  much ,b/c it cure for the altitude illness .

Traditional Tibetan food includes roast mutton and beef , buttered tea , and barley liquor .

the taste of buttered tea is so strange.

We celebrated the granddaughter of the host ‘s  birthday party

We danced with them and drunk the barley liquor

When we went back to hotel ,it was  so cold /

The moon was clear and it was peaceful around there /

Fifth day- Tiger Leaping Gorge  




Tiger Leaping Gorge is a canyon on the Yangtze River , located in the Yunan province

It’s one of  the most deeper canyons in the world.

So it‘s my favorite sight in Yunnan.

Natural power

It’s easy to get down there.

But go back to car is too difficult

We ate the special dish – river fish there at noon.

The fish  here didn’t  have the tastes of earth

I was  traveling through and see many youth riding bikes to Shangri-la

It’s awesome

Sixth day

Back  toKunming

Lashihai is in the center of the Lashi Dam and it is the first natural reserve area ofYunnanprovince named by “wetland ”

The typical Lijiang Spruce Forestis hardly to see in the Lashihai region becauseof the human ‘s impact on it.

We were boating on it  at 5 pm

It’s so cold  but quiet.

The sunset was beautiful

Twelfth day –coming back

The airport was so dirty

The smell was not good.









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